CRM for Medical Societies

Recently, we have received an increasing number of inquiries from medical societies. Reason to take a look at where the benefits and challenges of a CRM system lie.

Challenges and benefits

What is the challenge?

Medical societies often have a large membership base. However, the problem is that the data is spread across different data pools. There is a database for the congress, one for certifications, for example, and of course the membership database. Worst case, this data is stored by the respective partner for the organization of the congress or by the partner for training or certification and,  and it can only be accessed with different logins.


What advantages does a CRM offer to medical societies?

Efficient member management: A CRM platform enables a 360-degree view of members, so that important information such as contact details, membership status, interests and activities are easily accessible. This makes administration easier and enables a more personalized approach to members.

Optimization of services and communication: A CRM system enables a personalized approach to members. By managing member data centrally, societies and associations can plan more targeted marketing campaigns, ensure more effective communication, and better understand individual needs.

Event management: Medical societies often organize events, conferences, and training courses. A CRM facilitates the planning and management of such events. Members can register for various activities with a single login and event, certificate and training course data can be managed centrally.

Uniform login for members: In the CRM, the login (single sign-on) can be managed centrally in one place. At the same time, however, registration can take place via different websites. Members can view and manage their participation in events, certificates, training courses and much more with one login according to their authorization.

Simple invoicing: Membership fees, congress fees or training costs can be easily managed and invoiced via the CRM platform.

Improved internal collaboration: CRM systems such as SugarCRM offer functions to merge data from different systems. This facilitates internal collaboration within the team and ensures that all relevant information is centrally available.

Data protection and data security: With on-premise solutions, medical societies and associations can retain control over their member data while complying with data protection requirements.


With a flexible and adaptable CRM system, medical societies and associations are ideally equipped for the future. When making your choice, look out for simple configuration options and flexible modules so that the CRM solution can grow with your association and its changing requirements.

Case Study - Medical Society

UEG services its contacts with SUGAR

The United European Gastroenterology (UEG) offers its newsletter-subscribers, website users and committees target group-relevant information, training opportunities and the possibility of networking and collaboration with the help of SUGAR CRM. Read our "Easy Read Fact Sheet" to find out how UEG achieved its goals together with Login.

UEG services its contacts with Sugar

The United European Gastroenterology (UEG) offers its newsletter subscribers, website users and committees information relevant to their target groups, training opportunities and the possibility of networking and collaboration with the help of the CRM system Sugar.

The CRM solution approach at UEG

The UEG - Europe's leading non-profit organization for digestive health - has been dedicated to the prevention and treatment of digestive diseases throughout Europe since it was founded in 1992. It works tirelessly to support research, promote world-class education and develop clinical standards. In the meantime, the number of medical professionals using UEG services has grown to an impressive 50,000 experts who engage in a lively exchange.

UEG was looking for a comprehensive, modern CRM solution for professional contact management. The systems previously used were getting on in years. They offered too few functionalities but also too little automation.

Ready to get started?

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